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Moving? Need Moving Supplies?

So you’re going to move. You have a new place to live, the truck rental is all arranged and the date is firm. You’re all set – except you need to pack and not just any old box will do.

If you try to move without the right boxes and packaging, you will likely turn a normal move into something that warrants more stress then necessary. Not only that, things may be broken much more easily and organization may become a nightmare.

The first step in packing properly is to buy the packaging to ensure that your valuables remain secure and don’t get broken or damaged. You’ll also find that they fit nicer in the truck which will save time and reduce the likelihood of damage. Even if you’re only moving around the block, you need to ensure you get the proper moving supplies.

Packaging will also be a lot easier if you have the right supplies. Newspaper, packing paper or even cloths will protect your valuables. Make sure you use good packaging tape and have a fat marker on hand to label the boxes. As your packing, have a clipboard or pad of paper nearby to document the inventory.

If you are planning to load and unload the moving truck yourself, be sure not to pack the boxes too heavily. It will only make it more difficult as the really heavy boxes must go on the bottom and your back will not thank you.

If you’re ready, get moving supplies by using the “find my moving kit” button above.