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Before You Transport Your Automobile

Moving a car to your new home can be complicated then you might like, especially if youíre moving it a long distance. 

If youíre going to be taking your car with you, you essentially have two options. You can move it along with the rest of your household goods, or you can use a professional Car Moving Services.

If thereís space in the moving truck, you may be able to include your vehicle along with the rest of your household items. This can be quite expensive, since moving companies charge by time, distance and weight so it may be worth it to get more than a couple quotes.

A more affordable option is to use a professional auto movers. They will usually transport your automobile on an open truck, in an enclosed truck or by train.

You will need to ensure that your car is in movable conditional and then the auto moving company will usually take care to ensure that the packing meets safety standards. Something else to keep in mind is that you often need to pay more for a car that is not in running condition.

To get a custom auto moving estimate, simply fill in the form to the right and click on submit.

Some Quick Questions to Ask

             Does the company have of offer full insurance coverage in case of an accident?

             Does the company you are hiring own the truck or are they simply a broker?

             Do they provide a written agreement detailing all specifications and provisions?

             Are there any extra fees or additional expenses that might be incurred?

             And donít forget to look into their track record by quickly checking with the Better Business Bureau.

Donít be afraid to ask a lot of questions, and remember that youíll get what you pay for, so it may be worth it in the end to spend a little more upfront.

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